Ros Nara November 1, 2017

Wedding plans can make every bride-to-be nervous. After all, here you are planning what may be the most important day of your life. You will take vows with that man in your life, before every person who is important to you. All of it while wearing the costliest gown you will ever wear, after spending months planning an event down to the last important detail.

But whether you are researching 30 Wedding Send Off Ideas for the Perfect Exit or just the right kind of napkins for the wedding dinner, the venue will make or break that wedding. So, to help all you brides out there who are just beginning to make plans, here are three wedding venues that are just about fail-proof for setting the right mood.

Get Me to the Church on Time

It doesn’t have to be the church you attend. In fact, chances are neither of you attend any kind of church on a regular basis so that may be hard to accomplish. If you do, then of course that is the most natural place in the world for you to take your vows. But since more and more of the population have decided to go without a formal religion, you might want to start checking out some church buildings that now host events. Many neighborhoods will have them as the sizes of local congregations have depleted the need for churches.

One of the reasons for choosing an old church building is that they are designed to make everyone look forward, towards where you and your future husband will be taking your vows. Regardless of who presides over your ceremony, the design of an old church may be the perfect setting for your wedding. This can also include little chapels that many military branches have used for ceremonies.

Mother Nature to Tie the Knot

If you two feel a special bond with the great outdoors, then what could be a better place to announce your intentions then amongst the trees? For many, having a wedding ceremony in the woods where they hiked or a meadow where they loved to picnic is the location that means the most to them.

It helps if the weather cooperates, but big tents can always be erected to either keep guests dry in the case of a downpour or cool if it is a hot location. For winter weddings in northern climates this might prove a bit trickier, but not impossible. Maybe snowsuits instead of a wedding dress!

Keeping it Small and Local

For some weddings, especially if you are planning to keep it small, a backyard wedding can feel so wonderfully cozy and intimate. If you have friends with a good-sized backyard this can be an inexpensive solution as well. I have been to backyard weddings that were basically a picnic.

Others were fantastic wonderlands of decoration, so don’t think this cannot be done beautifully. The small size can make this a memorable choice for many wedding couples. Remember that it isn’t the size of the wedding that makes it special, it is who is at the wedding to help celebrate.