Ros Nara February 16, 2019

We do not advise you to choose a relative or a godmother to help you with this. It can end in confusion and be more headaches. Because they are very close to you, they end up pushing too hard into decisions or even wanting to change something just because they do not think it’s the right choice. This is stressful!

The advice, on the other hand, presents ideas that fit with what you plan without putting the taste and the opinions of them in agenda. The mission is to realize your dream. You are the focus. Therefore, everything is done to make it more peaceful and profitable. You need the right Wedding Planner for this task.

What’s more, family members will not want to leave the party to see if they need to replace the tablecloths or whether the waiters are serving the guests right. That’s all who does is advice. And if you do not have anyone to look at, you’ll be missing!

I’m already at the end of the wedding preparations, what to do?

If you have managed to reach the end of the preparations without the help of the advisor, I suggest you hire the advisory service for the day.

In this case, the advisor accompanies the assembly of the party and follows the schedule of the ceremony and reception of the guests to ensure that nothing happens during your day.

Even if you cannot afford the full value of the advice, which helps you from the beginning of the preparations, it is essential to hire the advice of the day. You never know what might happen during the party…

Ah, there is also the option of partial counseling, in which the couples arrange a meeting with an advisor to receive a “light” of what is more appropriate to do next.

What about space counseling?

Do not be fooled by the name, because it’s definitely not the same thing. The space counseling is responsible only for the party and her progress, while the advice from outside takes care of every detail, from the planning until the day after the party. The best of Wedding Planning comes here.

What to assess in the advice before hiring?

There are some essential characteristics to be seen in the advisory, such as:

  • Organization
  • Charisma
  • Experience
  • Indications

However, consider especially your relationship with her. Do you feel comfortable sharing everything you dream about? Consider her as a friend? Always take this into account, since the advice will be part of your daily life until the end of the party.

How to work with weddings?

Many love this universe of brides so much that they end up wanting to work with it. Although it sounds incredible, it takes dedication to consolidate in the market.

To begin with, you need a good counseling course and be aware of the trends. Then experience is essential. You will not always get a paid internship, so be prepared to help an experienced counselor even if it is to learn better in practice.

Remember that this is not a glamorous profession. The advice works hard to ensure that the party is the way the bride dreamed.