Ros Nara April 16, 2018

Muslim weddings are usually known for simple rituals that are completed within a very short time. Thus, the Islamic weddings can be conducted for quite low expenses and easily affordable for people of all economic backgrounds. Muslim couples prefer to invite their guests with simple looking wedding cards and this trait is diligently followed by the professional wedding card designers for making both digital and printed wedding invitations.

Major features that denotes the simplicity of Islamic wedding cards

  • The Muslim wedding comprises of Nikah ceremony that is held at bride’s place and Walima function that is organized by the groom’s family. However, all the relatives and friends of both bride and groom should be invited by sending them suitably designed Islamic wedding cards. Both functions are mentioned in these wedding invitations for informing the guests about the specific dates and timings of these wedding rituals.
  • The designs chosen for the wedding cards of the Muslims are quite plain and serene in appearance. Usually, the religious symbols of Islam are chosen for imprinting over the cover pages of these wedding cards; like the images of crescent moon and stars, the dome and minarets of a mosque and preferably of the Holy Mosque of Mecca. Now some romantic couples also prefer the gorgeous pictures of Taj Mahal that is known as monument of love, dancing peacocks and royal processions with decorated elephants.
  • Most of the Muslim couples prefer deep green as the main background color of their wedding invitations, due to the auspiciousness of this color as per the Islamic religious scripture. However, various bright colors, like red, purple or golden may be sometimes used for adorning the chosen designs or the wordings of the wedding invitation letters.

Image Resource : Parekh Cards

Specialties of the wordings of Muslim wedding cards 

  • Generally, the Muslims of Indian subcontinent prefer their wedding invitation letters to be written in Urdu, as it is known to be the official language of the Muslims living here. However, the English translations of these letters are also imprinted alongside, for the convenience of the invitees from other religions. These letters preferably start with any Arabic phrase taken from the Holy Quran, the religious book of Islam. So the wedding card designers need to have provisions of penning the wordings of all these languages on the Muslim wedding cards of their clients.
  • All the wedding related information, like the dates, time and the venues of the Muslim wedding functions are supposed to be mentioned on these wedding cards for the facility of the wedding guests, who want to share the joy of the new couple. The brief details about the family backgrounds of the wedding couple are also mentioned in these invitation letters. Most importantly, the guests are heartily requested to join the wedding ceremony on behalf of the bride and groom, as well as their families.

Hence, the reputed wedding card makers keep in mind all these vital points while designing the wedding cards of their Muslim clients, to make these invitations perfect medium for contacting their guests online or via courier services.