Ros Nara December 10, 2017

It is tough looking for a wedding venue that has everything you want. Even if you find one, you might not be able to afford the cost. Worse, other people might have already booked the place on the date that you have chosen. It is even more difficult for Indian weddings. Traditional Indian weddings last for many days and could involve hundreds or even thousands of guests. If you are Indian or of Indian descent, and you wish to have this type of wedding, here are some questions you need to ask before finalising your reservation.

Is the preferred date available?

In Indian culture, the date of the wedding is really important. It has meanings and it could imply whether or not the marriage will be successful. If your preferred date is not available, are there alternative dates that are available? Ask for a list of available dates and choose from it. You also need to know how far in advance you can make the reservation. Just remember that early reservations could be cheaper but there might be a price to pay for cancellation or a change of dates.

How much is the cost?

You need to ask how much the cost for rental is. This should include the number of hours for which they allow the venue to be used. If people arrive earlier or go home later than scheduled, will there be extra charges? You also need to know if you are required to pay a deposit and what payment schedule is followed.

What are the amenities and services available?

The place should be handicap accessible if possible to accommodate everyone you have invited. For those who wish to have more fun, there should be other services available like fitness centres or spas. Your guests would benefit a lot from such options, especially if the wedding goes on for days. Parking space must also be a consideration. You might have hundreds of guests coming. There should be enough parking space for all their vehicles. The number of restrooms must also be considered. If there is a need for additional restrooms, portable restrooms are an option.

Do they offer catering services?

It is great if the place offers a catering service. In-house catering might reduce your expenses since they might offer both the venue and the catering service as a package deal. However, if you intend to go all-out on your Indian wedding and they offer no Indian cuisine, you might have to bring your personal caterer in. If so, ask if there will be any additional charge for using a catering service from outside. The same might apply if you are bringing in alcoholic beverages.

There are a lot of great Indian wedding venues in the UK. You just have to find the perfect fit and the place that meets all your needs.