Ros Nara November 12, 2018

We all know that wedding is one of the most exciting and most awaited events in a couple’s life, despite the tedious preparations that come along with it.

Some weddings take just a couple of weeks or months to prepare while some take a year or two, depending on the theme, style, and luxury the future bride and groom prefer. According the Splendid Insights, luxurious wedding spending is now getting prevalent after having dropped in 2016, and millennials are having a different wedding perspective nowadays.

After a memorable wedding celebration, newlyweds are now paying more attention to another major factor in their lives: their new home. With that, there’s also a lot of things to do and consider, and it also takes careful planning when designing a whole new home for a whole new beginning. After buying their new house, now comes the decorating part. The newlyweds should also talk about this and incorporate both their preferences and styles into their space. Communication is the key to a beautiful home, and embracing your differences will make it as “homie” as possible.

Here are some guides for decorating your very first home as newlyweds.

1.      Space is very important for each couple. As newlyweds, you should talk about how to maximize all the spaces in your house that suits your individual preferences. If you have an interior designer, it’s better to explain your preferences to him/her clearly to avoid any regrets afterwards.

2.      Colors and style is also important in decorating. Talk about what color suits the both of you perfectly and combine it with your individual style to make it more appealing. Make sure that the colors you choose will match your furniture and decorations. Choose colors and coatings that are of premium quality, environment-friendly, and of course, child-friendly.

As furniture and decorations are mentioned in the 2nd guide, choosing the right mix and match of furniture and decorations is also essential because they will complete the heart and soul of your new home. Select furnishings that would complement your individual personality and decide carefully where you’ll put them to avoid over-decorating the spaces in your house. If you cannot decide what to do or both of you are having trouble decorating, a professional designer can help you out with that. There’s a wide range of options in choosing an interior designer to help you with your new home, but always look for someone who will perfectly fit your taste and has a long and trusted history of designing. You can visit for expert help.

There’s a lot of factors to consider when it comes to decorating your new home as newlyweds, and these are just a few tips to help you with your new journey. At the end of the day, the decision will still be between the two of you. Just always remember to choose what would best fit the both of you without sacrificing your individual preferences and style.

Cheers to a new life ahead!