Ros Nara January 3, 2018

For some wedding planners, finding the right venue can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Your bride has some good ideas about who she wants on the guest list, what kind of a wedding she wants to have, but every location hits a big NO. While just about any wedding planner worth their salt has a list of fabulous locations that most brides will just drool over, you always need to have that special couple of locations for the hard to please big spender. Whether it is a themed location such as a Disneyland encounter (yes you can reserve the entire park for a price) or a romantic getaway on a tropical island, brides love the idea of their own unique wedding location. Here are a few ideas we have found will shift that wedding plan from ordinary to extraordinary with just a mention.

Getting Back to Your Roots

If you have a bride whose parents are from Europe, why not plan to do some research on the “old country”? For some families planning a destination wedding that is connected to their family history can be both romantic and individual. This is especially true when both the bride and groom share this background.

If you are unsure of where to look for good destinations in Europe, there are websites dedicated to this such as that specializes in Danish locations. For anyone from Europe who isn’t sure beyond a vague “somewhere in Northeastern Europe” this can be a great place because it is so out of the way for many. Wherever their roots in Europe may be, a trip back in place and time can make a destination wedding that outshines the rest.

Mystery Weddings

If you have a couple that wants to have a small wedding in town, but something different, why not make it a dinner mystery wedding? After the ceremony guests find clues to the destination and work together to figure it all out. They then follow each clue until they end up at the destination, usually a private area for dinner and lots of fun music. For an extra twist, it can even lead back to where it all began. Of course, it helps if you have someone to give them a helping hand to be sure that you don’t lose any guests along the way. For a tightknit group of guests this can be a fun way to start the wedding celebrations.

Romance is Always in Style

Of course, if you are talking about destinations for a wedding you just can’t beat a romantic one. We have planned wedding events at lighthouses on the rugged coast of Oregon, at sunset along the beach of Southern California and on the ferry coming in to the Statue of Liberty. All of these were key to the relationship of the couple and had a role in the development of their romance. Listen to their story, find the thread and then tie it up with a big romantic gesture that is theirs alone to savor.