Ros Nara October 12, 2017

If you get lucky, you can find a wedding venue that has on-site catering. However, if you have to add caterers to your list of vendors, prepare yourself for a tricky hunt. From choosing a catering company before tasting their food to ensuring they provide top-quality service, hiring the right one can overwhelming. So if you are struggling with your search for a wedding catering service, consider the tips below.


Set a Budget before the Hunt

Know first what you want to spend before you start contacting caterers. Having a specific budget for food and drink early on allows you to pick the company you can afford to hire and lets the company cater to your needs. Your budget lets the company come up with realistic options for you such as seated, buffet or family-style based upon your financial capacity.

Obtain Many Proposals Before you Decide

Getting many proposals from catering companies let you compare and the service and menu options. While requesting proposals, make sure you ask for specifics. Inform the caterers of the number of guests you are expecting and the style affair you are looking to have. This allows them to propose the number of courses, appetizers, bartenders, waiters, chefs and coordinators. Consider this headcount when comparing proposals so your guests won’t have to wait to get a drink. Also, think about the cost of alcohol when doing those reviews as it might makes more sense to get it elsewhere.

Pay Attention to How the Caterers Communicate

Food quality really matters in terms of catering; however, the way caterers treat clients tells more of their service. A company that doesn’t get back to you right away to get details about you and your wedding, cross them off your list. Your wedding day will only be successful when everyone involved in the organization has good attention to detail. And when a caterer cannot make a good impression now, they can never do so later.

Schedule Tastings

Ideally, you don’t want to sign the dotted line before the food tasting. However, many companies insist on being hired before the tasting. To get around this rule, spend time checking on the company’s special events to have a taste of their menus. Or you can tell the caterer to have a clause in the contract that lets you dissolve the agreement in case their food quality doesn’t meet your requirements. Consider scheduling the tasting early so you can move on to the next if you are not happy with the first one.