Ros Nara July 26, 2018

There are many Indian families living in the USA, among whom a large number of people follow the Hinduism. The NRIs normally prefer to preserve their original religious and cultural traits even in this foreign land. So these people make sure that all the major Hindu traditions are maintained during the marriages organized in their families. The Hindus living in the US want to exhibit their close relation to their roots, by sending wedding cards with traditional Hindu designs and style.

Steps to be taken for sending best wedding invitations from the US


  • First of all, it is essential to choose any online wedding card maker, who has prior expertise in creating designer Hindu wedding invitations. There are some well-known wedding card designers available online, who should be chosen based on their reputation in the market and the quality of their sample works uploaded on their websites.

  • The theme of the wedding should be decided, as many wedding card designers prefer to create the wedding invitations based on the wedding themes. If it is an outdoor wedding or beach wedding, the colors and the designs of the wedding cards are chosen accordingly, to give a hint of the wedding theme to the invited guests.

  • Many Hindus living in the US prefer the Hindu religious symbols or the images of their deities to be imprinted as the designs of their wedding invitations. Generally, the symbols of Swastik and Om are widely preferred due to the simplicity and close religious association to Hinduism. Likewise, the pictures of the divine couples, like Radha-Krishna, Shiva-Parvati, and Ram-Sita are preferred on the cover pages of Hindu wedding cards.

  • Some modern Hindu couples may want wedding-related paintings; like the wedding procession or Baarat, a wedding couple exchanging garlands or the images of colorful butterflies. Few wedding couples may wish to further personalize their wedding cards by imprinting their own photos or group photos of both families, for acquainting the invited guests with all. The chosen wedding card makers should have provisions for fulfilling these desires of the new couples.

  • The desire for association with cultural roots inspires the NRI Hindus to choose red as the primary color to be used on their wedding cards. Moreover, lots of Hindus basically from Gujarat, Rajasthan, and Punjab wish to have all the vibrant colors on their wedding invitation designs. The uses of golden and silver colors are also preferred for adding grandeur to the décor of the wedding cards.

  • The wedding invitation letters of the Hindus are always undersigned by the eldest member of the family, which should be the names of parents or grandparents of the bride or groom, as per the culture of the Indians. The names of the new couple, their parentage, and a brief family background are added for information, in the content of these invitation letters.

  • The wedding invitation letters always need to start with any name of Hindu God or Goddess, or any phrase from the Hindu religious scriptures. It shows the reverence of the family towards their religion, in spite of living in a foreign land.

All these factors make the wedding cards of Hindus in the USA to be religiously and culturally special, for their relatives and friends staying in India.