Ros Nara

Ros Nara March 4, 2019

Smile. Click. Say, “I do.” As in most instances nowadays, even weddings have not escaped the clutches of the ever-popular Instagram. Into the World of Instagram Instagram, a social media app that has swept the world by storm, has also reared its famed head into the wedding scene. These days, couples are not only plagued […]

Ros Nara February 16, 2019

We do not advise you to choose a relative or a godmother to help you with this. It can end in confusion and be more headaches. Because they are very close to you, they end up pushing too hard into decisions or even wanting to change something just because they do not think it’s the […]

Ros Nara February 13, 2019

It is your wedding day and you would be nervous about the preparations made. More than the preparations, you would be worried about you succumbing to the pressure of being married in the next couple of hours. However, apart from dealing with the marriage butterflies, you should consider the best photographer in the region to […]

Ros Nara January 19, 2019

Everyone’s parents want to see their children settled and happy with their life partner. But it is a big task to find the right partner soon traditionally.  Matrimony industry is always ready to help those parents by giving more options and reliable profile of those people that fits their requirements and terms.  You can find […]

Ros Nara January 2, 2019

As you prepare for your wedding day, you need to plan on many things to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. One of the most significant aspects you should focus on is food. Thus, you need to make sure your wedding guests are satisfied after the ceremony. Hiring the services of a wedding caterer […]

Ros Nara November 22, 2018

Christian weddings are all about the classic white bridal gown, flower decorations at the church, gorgeous bridesmaids and the cute flower girl. A happy blend of Indian and western customs, Christian matrimony is subtle and elegant. Like every other community, their ceremonies are different and yet have some similarities. A haldi ceremony in Hindu customs […]

Ros Nara November 17, 2018

The engagement ring is an essential part of the wedding proposal aside from your presentation. Therefore, you need to make extra sure that you pick the perfect engagement ring for your spouse-to-be. The following are four hints you can use to help ensure that you select a dazzling and fitting ring. Assess the Personality The […]

Ros Nara November 12, 2018

We all know that wedding is one of the most exciting and most awaited events in a couple’s life, despite the tedious preparations that come along with it. Some weddings take just a couple of weeks or months to prepare while some take a year or two, depending on the theme, style, and luxury the […]

Ros Nara October 27, 2018

While most people think of royal locations to tie the knot, you can decide to conduct your wedding ceremony on a yacht. If you and your partner enjoy doing things differently, then you may realize that a yacht wedding is a unique category of its kind. With so many ceremonies happening on the beach, be […]

Ros Nara September 24, 2018

Planning a wedding is a big deal. It requires money, time, creativity, energy, and plenty of patience. Your wedding should be the biggest event in your life as you set the course for your future and embark on a journey of marriage. In terms of planning your wedding in the vibrant city of Las Vegas, […]