Month: November 2018

Ros Nara November 22, 2018

Christian weddings are all about the classic white bridal gown, flower decorations at the church, gorgeous bridesmaids and the cute flower girl. A happy blend of Indian and western customs, Christian matrimony is subtle and elegant. Like every other community, their ceremonies are different and yet have some similarities. A haldi ceremony in Hindu customs […]

Ros Nara November 17, 2018

The engagement ring is an essential part of the wedding proposal aside from your presentation. Therefore, you need to make extra sure that you pick the perfect engagement ring for your spouse-to-be. The following are four hints you can use to help ensure that you select a dazzling and fitting ring. Assess the Personality The […]

Ros Nara November 12, 2018

We all know that wedding is one of the most exciting and most awaited events in a couple’s life, despite the tedious preparations that come along with it. Some weddings take just a couple of weeks or months to prepare while some take a year or two, depending on the theme, style, and luxury the […]