Month: July 2018

Ros Nara July 27, 2018

Whether it is for your dad, husband, brother, guy friend, or male boss in the office, finding a gift for men can be a big challenge. It could be his birthday, bachlor party of the big wedding day! Men are hard to read, which is why it is difficult to determine what exactly it is […]

Ros Nara July 26, 2018

There are many Indian families living in the USA, among whom a large number of people follow the Hinduism. The NRIs normally prefer to preserve their original religious and cultural traits even in this foreign land. So these people make sure that all the major Hindu traditions are maintained during the marriages organized in their […]

Ros Nara July 18, 2018

Smart phones have transformed the people in Britain into budding photographers. Several platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat have provided a suitable platform to edit the snaps using advanced filters. As a result, people have been given a chance to transform images online with ease. Nonetheless, with the increased usage of Smartphone camera, wedding photography […]

Ros Nara July 2, 2018

Everyone wants their wedding to be a perfect day. While some things are not under your control like a shower on your wedding day, there are many things related to your wedding preparation that you can control with care and avoid any mistakes that might spoil your big day for you. Given below are a […]