Month: May 2018

Ros Nara May 25, 2018

One of the first tasks to take care of when you’re planning a wedding is the venue where the wedding and reception will be taking place. Whether you hold both events at the same location or only need a venue for the reception, choosing the right one is important. The facilities that specialise in providing […]

Ros Nara May 22, 2018

Selecting when you should have your special day affects every facet of the way you would like your ceremony to feel and look. Periodic flowers give weddings the best of natural splendor which help you set a colourful touch for your special day. Each season features its own bouquet, from which you’ll select your ideal […]

Ros Nara May 21, 2018

Are you thinking about buying an expensive piece of jewelry? Maybe an engagement ring or an anniversary present? How exciting! Buying jewelry for a loved one is fun, exciting and at times also overwhelming. Before you take a trek down to your local jeweller, there are a few things you should be aware of. We’ve […]

Ros Nara May 14, 2018

Hiring a wedding caterer can be really confusing. While you probably have a budget in mind, it is also important to consider and manage guest expectations. Every wedding is different – some are small intimate affair between two families, while others may have more than a hundred guests. Below are the questions worth asking before […]

Ros Nara May 14, 2018

Indian weddings provide varied rituals, the shades, the colourful atmosphere, along with the food. So it is important that you simply find the correct wedding caterer for the special day. Nowadays caterers don’t merely take proper care of the meals plans but additionally plan and consider many other information on your wedding therefore allowing you […]